We guide organizations as they ask and answer strategic questions about growth and impact.

Our consulting engagements are primarily with mission-driven education organizations — for profit and non profit software or services organizations, school operators, and funders — but we are most passionate about innovative approaches to educational inequity.  We are currently developing a specialty in parent engagement.  In 2014, we published our first paper on the topic:  The Parent Variable: The Role Families Can Play In Lifting Student Outcomes.

Our clients vary in maturity, business model, and need.  Our projects are tailored to each client’s needs, and range from assessing impact to prioritizing growth opportunities, to designing a coherent plan for the future.  The outcome of our work together reflects the interdependencies of all parts of your organization, and illustrates the aspirations, limitations, and priorities of your board and leadership team.

We bring a strong point-of-view about the mission of improving public education to serve all children well, and believe that in this crowded and ever-changing landscape, a thoughtful strategy is an essential first step to achieving an organization’s goals.  Contact us to talk about how we might help you increase the impact of your work.  We’d love to help.