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Occasionally, we publish white papers and presentations in the hopes that they will advance conversations and expand ecosystems.  Please check back often.


Strategic planning doesn’t have to be painful.  The following slide presentation describes a methodic and coherent to planning.


Parents are an underutilized tool in education.  The following white paper argues that the “no excuses” approach to education has failed because it has been insular.  In fact, schools are much more effective when parents are engaged as partners.  The paper details the highly influential role that parents can play in their children’s outcomes and calls for greater collaboration between home and school.  It also describes a set of guiding principles that can help the effectiveness of any parent engagement program and includes links to additional resources and research.

The Parent Variable: The Role Families Can Play In Lifting Student Outcomes


This is an updated reading list (with live links) that contributes to the field’s knowledge of the role parents play in their children’s outcomes:

READING LIST – Parent Variable White Paper


This is an updated landscape (with live links) of funders; practitioners; program and technology providers; and data, research, and policy organizations; and other organizations in the field:

LANDSCAPE – Parent Variable Ecosystem